Solange is My Shero!

I am smitten... with Solange Knowles hair!

It's so beautiful. What a way to make a statement! When she used to wear her hair in long weaves, she always struck me as a not-so-mirror image of her sister. She looked just enough like Beyonce, and just enough NOT like Beyonce, to be constantly compared. I couldn't see her as an individual.

But by shaving her hair, she's brought her own unique facial features to the forefront. And because she's in such great shape, everything falls into proportion from head-to-toe. I'd dare say that she's looking semi-supermodelish in this picture. And unlike in other photos, I believe that she stands out here far more than Beyonce.

I'm definitely not about inspiring sibling rivalry here. After all, I have a BEAUTIFUL sister that I love with all of my heart, and envy has never come between us. But I think that it's great for Solange that ordinary folks like me can now look at her without thinking of her sister first. She's her own person, and her hair and style truly reveal that.

One of these days, when my hips are under control again, I may try rockin' a super short 'do myself. What do hips have to do with hair, you may ask? Proportion, that's what. Like I mentioned above-- since Solange is in great shape, everything falls into proportion. When you shave your head, you're hiding nothing. If you've got a bobble head or a peanut head, it will be on display for the world to see. And what drops you into either category is how the rest of your frame lines up in proportion.

Do you remember how strange Oprah looked back in the day when she lost all that weight? It wasn't that she was too skinny. It was that her head looked huge in comparison. Bone structure is no joke, folks. Take that into consideration when you choose your style. If she'd had a super short hair cut when she revealed her new body, who knows? But that's just my speculation.

I have a peanut head, so my theory is that I need a peanut body to match if I want to show that head off to the world (figuratively speaking). Otherwise, I will be shaped like a diamond-- wide in the middle. No, thank you! Just like there are jeans to compliment every shape, there are hairstyles that can do the same.

What do you guys, think?



  1. Stephanie said...

    I agree with you. I have to honest though. I'm tired, it's been a long day. When I saw the picture, I mistakenly thought it was a "double shot" of Beyonce. I thought they were doing a comparison of her with the wig and sans the wig/weave. I went on to ask myself..."Why does the picture of her with the short hair look WAY better...?" Then I woke up and realized it was her sister! I was just telling my husband that everyone cannot pull off the same hairdo. I, look better with my natural hair texture than I do with relaxed hair. I have 3cish hair and it is BIG. I rock curly hair way better than straight hair. Also, I look better with my hair off my face than I do when its hanging down or framing my face. Your inner model comes out when you do you. Love the shoes and I thought she should work on her stance but I think I like it. It doesn't look all fake modelish. I've never had this mush to say about a photo op. Thanks for posting...

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