Howdy, Curly-knotted comrades!

Monday, May 04, 2009 Posted by Karen

Nappy. Kinky. Peazy. Tough.

If you, or someone you know, has used one of those words to describe your natural hair, then welcome home, loves! You are among friends.

You know you need to park it here for a minute if...

· you want to stop relaxing your hair, but you’re scared of the nappy monster that lies beneath.
· your natural hair coils up like a tangled phone cord.
· you want your curly knots to “chill”, and unwind...

I don’t have any magic tricks for turning curly kinks into wet-and-wavy tresses. But your natural hair "Nutritionista" will share a few gems that may help you optimize the health and natural beauty of your textured curls.

Your health is HOLISTIC. Everything is connected. My goal is to research, elicit, and share the most relevant lifestyle and nutritional approaches to optimizing the condition of our curly knots.

My next post will be about my natural hair story, and the details of my experience with Baka Beauty's Natural-Laxer Mix. So, stay tuned!


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